Voice Over IP Solutions

At Digital Scope Ltd, we offer an alternative way to make phone calls and conduct business. With the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), we are able to merge your internet and telephone services, saving you money. 

VoIP is a new technology slowly replacing traditional telephone systems. It takes analog signals, similar to what you would hear over the phone, and translates the message digitally. Advantages to this system are many. For instance, through a VoIP system you are able to translate messages into text, allowing voice notes to be received as e-mails, as one of the features. There are many other benefits to this system, and Digital Scope is able to help you navigate them and choose the best system for your needs, from set-up to support. 

If you are not pleased with your current VoIP provider, Digital Scope can remedy and improve your current standing. Our technicians always available for support.

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